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Put simply, we put the life in your party.  However, there is so much more to being a "DJ" in today's world.  A DJ is not just needed to play music, but also act as host of your event. 
A Professional DJ can help put a bit of class into your event while at the same time keeping the atmosphere fun and inviting to your guests.
A Good DJ knows how to read a crowd and play the music needed to keep the party alive.  A GREAT DJ does the same, but understand that the entire success of the party falls on his/her shoulders.  It's not just about the music; It's about the atmosphere.  It's about knowing what is supposed to happen, and coordinate with staff and other vendors to ensure success of your event.  When things go wrong with ANYTHING, he/she will take the lead to ensure things are made right and put back on track.
This principal was what we founded our business on in 2005 and is what leads us to continuing success today.  Don't become a Client... Become a fan, and a member of the Bigfoot Clan.
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